>Delurk, I say, de-lurk already!!


The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Sponsored by Schmutzie at Milkmoney or Not, it’s time to encourage blog readers to post comments. For those new to the blogosphere, a “lurker” is one who reads and never comments. A comment is simple: click on comments, type your thoughts in the little box, and click post. some blogs (mine included) require a quick word-recognition task to prove that you’re really a person, not an mass producing comment robot. So say a few words, folks, and let us know that there is life out there! It’ll save us writers the time and trouble of checking our stats obsessively.

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13 thoughts on “>Delurk, I say, de-lurk already!!

  1. >Thanks for joining in! I’m hoping that come Wednesday everyone is jabbering up a storm. The internet won’t know what hit it.

  2. >While as a blogger it would be nice to know that I’m not just writing for myself.

    However as a reader the problem is as a reader, is in having something worthwhile to contribute to the discussion at hand that is more than just a blatant link back to your blog or site.

    A lot of times I read blogs, and either don’t feel strongly about the subject, or don’t know enough about the subject at hand to feel my opinion is worthwhile.

  3. >On the internet, any 14 year old with a keyboard, an attitude, and an internet connection can say whatever they want.

    I long ago figured my comments couldn’t be worse than that (this is not meant to diss all 14 year olds, many of whom make great comments).


  4. >This is great! I will admit, I lurk blogs now and then. There is one blog in particular that I ALWAYS read, but rarely comment on. The blog is so deeply personal that I feel like an eavesdropper and have nothing proper to say. Yes, I am working on this. 🙂

  5. >Not really a lurker, just a newbie to your blog!

    I might steal this button. I always wonder if there are lurkers out there and what I can do to make them feel more comfortable about commenting.

    I hope you get a lot of bloggers comming out of the lurking closet!

  6. >I enjoy reading your blog–I think I found you through the “MomWrites” blog. I rarely comment in general on blogs other than my own.

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