Dear Clinic; Communication. What a concept.

First came the voice mail on the home phone suggesting I call and make an appointment.

Next, I attempted to make an appointment through the messaging system. I hear you laughing already. Here goes:

Me: I received an automated voice mail suggesting that I make an appointment. Is this necessary?

Clinic Messenger: Yes you are due for a annual Physical in July and medication review and renewal then also.

July? It’s now January. Okay, I’ll try to plan ahead. I’ll  fill out the form and ask for a morning in July.

Scheduler: What is the reason for the appointment? Please list any symptoms you are having so we can give the providers some notes to better prepare them for your appointment.

Me: I received a voice mail saying I was due for an appointment and I should call. It turns out the only appointment I’m due for is a physical in July. Perhaps this was an error in the system? No one seems to be expecting my request.

Scheduler: I looked in your chart, and in our auto-matted phone system and it looks like they were calling about your Hyper-tension-HTN, if you are on medication and are going to need new scripts, you may be due for a Medication Check. That is what they were calling for, not the Physical. If you would like to schedule a appointment for the Hyper-tension please let us know a date and time that will work for you and if you fast for your medication checks. Thanks.

Me: ????? 

Dear Clinic That Shall Not Be Named: Your right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. That’s all.

With all due respect,


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3 thoughts on “Dear Clinic; Communication. What a concept.

  1. It would be funny if not so potentially scary. We have come up against right hand vs left hand knowledge, or lack thereof, in too many medical situations. Sometimes they can be life-altering. Good communication is a goal, not a piece of software!

  2. I think if we surveyed all workers many would agree that good communication is one of the worst problems in their job. Of course in any case, including yours, it may be the result in underpaid and lack of enough help.

    Yesterday, Because of poor communication I had to move 450 pounds of cargo using a conveyance method designed for 250 pounds. A dangerous move.

  3. Speaking of communication. We have a pair of foxes that have taken up residence in my back yard. Yes, behind the garden. I have numerous pictures of them. They roam a few blocks in their territory. I don’t intend to trap them as that can be messy. I have my concealed carry liscense, but that does not allow hunting in city limits. It is the mating season for foxes.

    Any ideas????? Help??????

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