>Daisy’s Top Ten List: #6 is is false.

>#6: I speak three languages, (including English).

I speak American English (Wisconsin style, y’know).
I speak Spanish very well; with a little practice I could become near fluent. I spoke it better in high school and college when I used the skills more often. Occasionally, I’ll have a chance to use my language knowledge when I have a Spanish-speaking child in class and the translator isn’t available.
A third language? Not unless you count PigLatin or Gibberish.

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4 thoughts on “>Daisy’s Top Ten List: #6 is is false.

  1. >I’m beginning to think interpreting toddler talk (especially when they’re crying) should be classified as knowing another language.

  2. >Well all I can say is Que bueno!

    I also have Que Barbaridad that I use when the occasion permits. 🙂

    It’s what I get for living with a Spanish speaker.

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