>Creating an emergency….or not.

>In the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, one piece of advice that resonates personally is this: Don’t create your own emergency.

We had a staff breakfast this morning, the culmination of our Secret Santa week and a fun get-together for staff just before winter break. The invitation always comes with a hint to make our favorite recipes. There are usually at least three different egg dishes, several coffeecakes and homemade breads, coffees, juices, and the works. Last year I baked muffins. Out of a dozen, I brought home eight.
This year I was smarter. I signed up to bring fruit. I gathered a variety of apples, pears, and oranges from the recent music department fundraiser, dropped them in a reusable but presentable paper bag, and called it done.
The fruit bag was a hit. I only brought home a few oranges and one pear. My contribution also turned out to be something my coworkers could bring up to their rooms and enjoy later in the day. I knew that any fruit I brought home would still be good; no stale muffins to be wasted. I didn’t have to bring utensils or special toppings. It worked for the healthy food folk and the dieters, too.

I took the advice to heart and managed to contribute something of value without creating my own pressure, my own stressful emergency.

At this time of year, that’s a gift.

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  1. >Smart choice! My favorite holiday potluck offering is a box of satsumas. They’re healthy, require no serving implements, and vanish like the treats they are.

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