Amigo uses an iPhone and Siri. Siri lets him text and all kinds of other tasks even though he can’t see the phone. If I need to reach him by day while I’m at work, I send him a text. He usually answers immediately. A few days ago, he sent me this memo.

“We’re under a three snore emergency.” It’s okay, he wasn’t falling asleep, he was just telling me that the city had declared a snow emergency and with it, no on-street parking.

He sent Chuck the information about the last of the Andrews Sisters passing on, but somehow mixed it up so it sounded like Chuck himself was headed toward that great harmonizing trio in the sky.

My favorite, however, came the day he sent me big news he’d heard on Facebook.

“Your cousins had a baby girl named Napoleon.”



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3 thoughts on “Communication

  1. He is showing great responsibility by passing messages on. Napoleon is a mouthful and so is the baby’s name. Good job Amigo!

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