>Coffee, of course.

>Last year I chronicled my vacation in a journal of daily coffee consumption. I know some of you must be wondering, “Daisy! You went to Seattle, the birthplace of Starbucks! Did you not partake of the local fare? The local drinks? The coffee, of course!!”


Yes, I did. In fact, I documented a few in pictures. I picked up a Big Train Choco Chip Latte from this place, conveniently located across the tracks from the first Amtrak station. It was delicious: a good omen for starting the trip.

On the train I had the option of picking up a plain cup of coffee any time I wished; Jose, the car attendant, kept the pot fresh all the time.

I brought my daily pick-me-up into the roomette with me, set it in the cupholder beside my seat, and read the morning paper (local to whichever stop we’d made last).

Then we arrived in Seattle. I sampled the hotel packets (Seattles Best brand). We visited Starbucks – the original location! I was nearly speechless. Husband took my picture, I think. I was too wrapped up in the history of this tiny store and its location to notice.

Each day we went somewhere else for breakfast. I had so many different kinds of coffees I lost track. I know there were at least a few we didn’t get to try. I guess that means I have to make another trip to Seattle some time. Darn.

You know me, though. I brought some home. A package from Starbucks, a package from Local Color (an awesome little shop with coffees, art, and fascinating people), and a couple of extras from the hotel room.

The thermos on the left is from Starbucks. It’s made from 40% recycled plastic. We bought the Amtrak mug at our last breakfast on the train. As if I didn’t have enough mugs…of course I brought a new one home from our trip!!

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4 thoughts on “>Coffee, of course.

  1. >The last cup of coffee from Starbucks went almost directly into the trash. I can't abide coffee so strong that it tastes burnt. Plain old straight black coffee for me. Non of the FooFoo stuff. MUD

  2. >You can never have too many coffee mugs or coffee to put in them 😉

    At least that is my theory….

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