>(Class)Room Decor

Posters. I need posters. I have enough to start two of the three new science units, but I own nothing for the first one. Solution? Take a little clip art, an overhead projector, and enlist the family in helping with the final drafts. Result? Take a look for yourself!

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7 thoughts on “>(Class)Room Decor

  1. >You. You have the ability to make my day. I love the pictures. Keep them up!! I wish I was there to spy on you. 🙂

  2. >What grade do you teach? This is very creative to do your own posters!
    I bet kids coming early would like to work on that, too!

  3. >Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I’m thankful for a daughter who is very artistic. I asked her to help with the hard parts, like the earth in the “Discover” poster. I hope the students like them, too.

  4. >Shoulding they be thanking ME?! After all I did most of the actual diffucult drawing……..

    sincerly the one that you call small, and surrounded by boxes

  5. >I don’t know why I used the word “thanking” clearly ‘m not learning anything in college…….. 😉 OR AM I?!?!?!

    P.S. my word verification this time was an AWESOME combination of letters

  6. >Yes, folks, the “anonymous” commenter was La Petite herself, the artist I trusted to make sure the posters looked good. I had ideas, but she was the only one who could execute them well. (Never mind her lack of spelling skills)

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