>Celebrate (25 years of) good times, come on!

>Husband and I are coming up on our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Our 25th! Wow. We’re thinking about celebrating, just the two of us, with a trip somewhere.
We’re not big spenders. Our trip to Nova Scotia last year was part research (his genealogy), part family relaxation and fun. We stayed at a cottage off-season to get better rates, brought our bicycles, and cooked our own food while we were there. The biggest expense was getting there. This time around will probably be similar. We’re not looking at a major expensive trip; we just want to spend time together and make it special.
Husband suggested Seattle. Coffee for me, brew-pubs for him, we’d both enjoy the destination. But it’s a little farther away than we’d planned. You see, Amigo will be at camp and La Petite will house-sit, but we’d like to be within a day’s drive in case of emergency. It can be a long day’s drive, but we’re still thinking of not straying too far away from home.
At the moment, we’re considering putting a pin in the map at home and stretching out a string to make a circle about 400-500 miles from the center.
Our hairdresser suggested we find a bed and breakfast, snuggle into the room for a week, and just relax together. It could work.
Husband said thanks but no thanks to the idea of a dude ranch. I could be talked into Seattle, but it’s a little farther than we want to go this time. Niagara Falls would be fun, but it’s a little on the outer range for distance.
We’re not sure if we want to find a rural cottage or B&B and just take walks and spend couple time, or if we want to go to a big city and explore the museums and restaurants and other exciting experiences. We’re not casino gamblers, so Vegas and Atlantic City are off the list. Shows? We enjoy watching a good quality concert, whether jazz, classical, or a capella vocal, or a musical stage show. We also enjoy watching the sun rise or set over a simple yet lovely beach.
This makes it harder. We’re looking for a long weekend or maybe a week. We don’t know if we want to go country or city, fancy or plain.
Then again, we don’t have to drive. We could take a train somewhere. Husband loves, loves trains! We could go a little farther by train…
Ideas, Internet friends and family? Drop a pin on the map in the heart of Green Bay Packer country and find a one-day drive. Then let me know what you recommend!

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8 thoughts on “>Celebrate (25 years of) good times, come on!

  1. >These are the tough decisions. I don’t think Seattle has the corner on the market for good coffee anymore. But there are some decent Brewpubs here. Goodness knows the husband and I have a favorite!

    Good luck in your search for a vacation spot!

  2. >Have you done Mackinac Island? A pleasant day of biking, eating, and shopping followed by a drive down the coast to a campground on or near the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan–especially nice in blueberry season.

    How about a grand tour? Continue from Mackinac on to Detroit where there must be a car museum… and a music museum. Then, up to Toronto for the science museum. Then down to Niagara Falls for the falls, the river, and the butterfly preserve.

    Head south for your trip home and stop at Six Flags in Ohio. Then on to Chicago for original Pizzeria Uno pizza, a walk along the lake, an afternoon at the museum of natural history, and a meal in China Town.

    If you prefer “go-and-stay” then right at the edge of your specified distance, try Ithaca, NY. While there, tour some wineries, visit the Johnson Museum and Sapsucker Woods bird sanctuary at Cornell University. Also, go to Robert Truman State Park’s upper entrance and walk down the lower gorge trail (don’t miss this, it’s beyond awesome). In the Ithaca area, you could stay at a bed-and-breakfast, or rent a lake cottage for a week on Cayuga Lake. Also, go to Taughannock Falls State Park, park in the main parking lot, and hike up the gorge trail (about a mile). If you don’t want to hike, drive to the falls overlook, park, and enjoy the view. Actually, it’s fun to do both.

    Have a great 25th. Let us know what you end up doing.

  3. >We did a combo trip to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, then down to Ohio. We went Six Flags (I think it’s in Aurora), the Football Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  4. >Go to Seattle already! There’s always a flight ready in case of emergencies. The other can drive home alone. But I’m guessing you trust LaPetite to do well house sitting and everything will be fine. Twenty five years is a big deal! Live it up!

  5. >Congratulations on your 25th. My wife and I will be celebrating our 10th this year. Believe it or not your 25th fell on the same day as our 150th Mo-versarry where my wife and I have been together for 150 months.

    Do something, even if it means staying at home and celebrating in a fancy hotel.

  6. >Ah, I cannot wait for the day I get to go to Seattle with my tribe–but they're just too young to appreciate that trip yet. Chicago? Otherwise I highly recommend New Glarus–bike trails, winery tour, cave of the mounds and a very cute town–D & I stayed at the Chalet Landhaus–quite nice and very reasonably priced. The bike trail was adjacent to it, mini golf across the street. Great food and New Glarus beer was within a short walk.

  7. >I just came back from Seattle where I was visiting my son who moved out there last summer. What a great town! I highly recommend it.

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