>Bye bye, Sweet Bunny.

>He was mischievous, our little Peanut. He was tiny enough to stick his little bunny head into a box of Mike & Ikes or a bag of Chex Mix, sneaky enough to grab a chip from La Petite’s roommate (see her in the picture, not even noticing), and sweet enough that no one could be mad at him when he did.

He lived in a house of Packer backers, and somehow found his little furry way into the heart of the excitement and fandom.

He wasn’t the Easter Bunny; in fact, we had to keep the Easter baskets out of his reach. See reference above to Mike & Ikes? Jelly Beans and lollipops could suffer the same fate.

He did, however, look adorable posing for pictures in an Easter basket — when he wasn’t nibbling on the sides, that is.
Our sweet funny bunny Peanut, so much character in such a little package, died Friday. He’d been sick for a few days, and he passed away in La Petite’s arms as we packed the car to bring them home for Easter weekend.

Bye bye, little Peanut. Join Beast, Tiny Bunny, and the others in that bunny hutch in the clouds. We’ll miss you.

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11 thoughts on “>Bye bye, Sweet Bunny.

  1. >I’m so sorry your Peanut’s gone. He’s hanging out with the Easter bunny now, eh? I hope you all weather Easter well without him.

  2. >How old was Peanut? I love bunnies and we had them when I was a kid but I have to say they all died within their first or second year. I have thought about getting a couple of bunnies now but am so afraid of how delicate they are.

    I’m sorry you guys are missing your sweet bunny!

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