>By train or by plane or by ferry? Anniversary trip plans continue

>A while back I talked about plans for our anniversary. 25 years of marriage, people! We’re ready to celebrate. We thought we needed to stay within a day’s drive of our home. La Petite reminded us that she’ll be home taking care of the bunnies and working at her job, and she can handle immediate emergencies that might pop up. In the meantime, we can get on a plane and be home within a day.

So…we’re back to the first plan. We’re doing the research and seriously considering Seattle as our destination. We’d like to travel by train: specifically, Amtrak’s Empire Builder. We’d catch it in or near Wisconsin and travel Northwest across Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and eventually Washington.

Seattle has brewpubs. It has coffee. And it’s a green, very green city. What’s not to like? We indulge Husband’s love for trains in our chosen mode of travel; we’ll indulge my eco-consciousness with the destination.

I stumbled across this hotel on Mother Nature Network. Of course I’m interested! My Midwestern frugal sensibilities, however, cringe just looking at the nightly rates. I’ll have to do a little more research and find out if there are deals available for common folk like us – or if these are ballpark rates for a big city like Seattle. The idea of staying at Seattle’s fir LEED certified hotel really appeals to me — and to Husband, too. “…a new echelon in sustainability” sounds incredibly attractive. It may be worth the price. These hotels are also eco-friendly and have great locations. I read and appreciated the parent company’s environmental statement as well. I don’t need fancy, really, but I’d like to spend my green where it’ll make the greenest impact.

Of course I want to visit Pike Place Market, the place where Starbucks Coffee was born! I enjoy local markets, whether farm or craft, wherever we go. We’ll put it on the plan.

The main goal, however, is to spend time together. Be a couple. Enjoy each other’s company: just us. Our offspring are wonderful people (teen and twenty-some that they are), but it’s time for a grown-up break. Our twenty-fifth gives us that opportunity. We’re thinking and planning now; we’ll be ready for action later.

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7 thoughts on “>By train or by plane or by ferry? Anniversary trip plans continue

  1. >It will be a small taste of the Empty Nest. And you will like it!

    I’ve always wanted to travel by train.

  2. >Seattle is a great place. And Pike’s Place is so fun. I got the biggest kick out of the guys throwing fish. You’re going to have alot of fun!

  3. >Sounds fun!!

    Just had to hop over and tell you that I too, have great blog ideas as I’m drifting off to sleep and then totally forget them in the AM!!

    I hate that!!

    Hallie 🙂

  4. >I enjoyed Seattle when I visited there many years ago. I lived in Boston at the time. It was very thought-provoking to drive on Interstate 90 and know I could give directions to my house some 3,000 miles away as follows:

    Drive east on I90 to the Allston/Cambridge exit. Follow the exit ramp toward Allston. Turn right at the first light, go 3 blocks and turn right.

    Views from Seattle are awe-inspiring. Whatever you finally decide, I hope you have a terrific adventure.

  5. >Hi there!
    fwiw, I’d really encourage you to look into Portland, OR as well. I visited both and found portland to be much more ecletic and “green” – we ended up moving here! I love it! Plus, you can get around super easily (and free in the downtown and other areas) via lightrail, plus there’s a big farmer’s market, saturday (artisan market), etc. Also, it’s the microbrew capital of the country (or world? either way, great for a beer guy!).
    Anyway! My little Portland plug 🙂

  6. >I live in Seattle. If you need any info, let me know. I have taken the train down the coast and it was lovely. I’ve heard the amtrak you’re considering is also very beautiful.

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