Bunnies! Spring decor

I’m not a designer or a decorator. I’m content if the Christmas decoration are put away by the time the snow melts. So putting away the snowmen and snowflakes during Spring Break was a reasonable goal.

The next set of decorations featured – do you want to guess? Oh, I gave it away already. Bunnies. Spring means rabbits.

La Petite's collection

La Petite’s collection

This set of (mostly) bunnies was in La Petite’s old room. In the process of turning that into an office-slash-guest room, I’m taking down some of the decorations. These will do a little time in the den, and then I’ll pack them up with bubble wrap and bring them to the bunny whisperer herself, La Petite. ┬áHere, take a closer look.

Kids with bunnies

Kids with bunnies

Oops - This one doesn't belong.

Oops – This one doesn’t belong.

Okay, readers, it’s time to share. What are the signs of spring in your humble homes?

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