>Branching out with new seed sources

>The growing season is short in my Wisconsin climate zone. I don’t dare put in tomato or pepper plants until late May, usually Memorial Day. At the end of the growing season, when die-hard locavore gardeners are canning their salsa and preserving their heirloom seeds, I’m starting a new school year. I’ve used that timeline as an excuse to plant only mass-produced garden center seedlings for years. This year, I’m branching out.

Thanks to gifts from Hometown Seeds and City Slipper (@CitySlipper on Twitter, blogging at Small Kitchen Garden), I’m starting a few heirloom varieties from scratch.

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1 thought on “>Branching out with new seed sources

  1. >I was laughing listening to Garden Talk on Friday–they were advising a man who wanted to grow melons to find seeds that grew the FASTEST!

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