>Bloup? Clog? Grog?

>I’ve accepted an invitation to be a contributor to a group blog called Mid-Century Modern Moms. We are a group of moms of teens, many of us of ‘advanced maternal age’ who are battling with our kids, negotiating through the maze of college applications, and sighing with loneliness once our kids have moved out. We’re an under-represented group in the blogosphere, but not for long.

We’re done with the diapers and breastfeeding vs. bottles, but we still deal with parent-teacher conferences, homework, laundry, and a lot of other parental dilemmas.
The Terrible Twos have been replaced by Teen Attitude.
Diaper rash is now acne.
The “kids” have moved from formula to Mountain Dew.
Child care budgets have been shifted to college tuition.
Forget Disney Princesses for holiday gifts: we’re dealing with iPods and laptops.

Sometimes I’ll cross post a piece from Compost Happens, and sometimes you’ll get fresh content from me or from the other contributors.

But what is a group blog, anyway? A grog? A bloup? A clog? Well, whatever it is, you can find us

That is — you can find me there after Monday Night Football. Go! Pack! Go!
(Update: Best. Overtime. Ever.)

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3 thoughts on “>Bloup? Clog? Grog?

  1. >I never thought about the shift from toddlerhood to teenhood in these terms! Well said! Glad to hear that mommies with teen are going to be represented in the blogosphere. You go girl!

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