>Bad cookie. Bad, bad cookie.

>La Petite had an adventure a few nights ago with her rabbits finding and attacking a fortune cookie, still in its plastic wrapper. She wrestled it away from them, unwrapped it, and let them go at it so that she could sleep. She never did tell me what their fortune was.
Mocha Momma, a high school dean and coffee aficionado, led me to this site for fun. Warning: the cookies on this site will not predict a lottery win.

My results:

You will become a great bore in your later years.
Well, gentle readers, stick with me now. The posts will likely go downhill as I get older and wider. I mean, wiser.

An evil letter or message is on its way to you.
Spam, begone! Enough already!

Be selfish with your money; trouble lies ahead.
Good thing I finished the Christmas shopping early.

Idleness is the holiday of the wise.
Hmm. I actually like this one. I think I’ll go relax, drink some coffee, and read a book. It’ll feel like a holiday.

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