>Back to School — and back to work

This is a sight that inspires excitement, enthusiasm, and panic all in one — if you’re a teacher. Yes, this is what my classroom looked like as recently as Monday night. All the furniture was crowded in the middle, covered in plastic, because the carpenters were almost (but not quite) finished putting in the parts that will hold up the new blinds that go with our wonderful new energy-efficient windows.
The beginning of a school year is always exciting. New kids, new families, coming in for Open House with backpacks full of school supplies and gym shoes and tissue boxes. New smiling faces, children full of energy, eager to see what the new grade holds for them.
And the panic? Well, those kids come in for Open House next Tuesday night, the day after Labor Day. The carpenters finished in my room yesterday; the cleaning crew went through today. I have staff meetings for half of Wednesday and most of Thursday, with Friday a day “off”. Monday (Labor Day) I will drive La Petite and a van full of her belongings to the University dorm. Somehow, somewhere, I need to find the time to get this room looking like a happy and comfortable place to learn.
It needs posters, bulletin boards, name tags for the desks, locker tags, and more. The desks need arranging. The classroom library needs to be set up. My computer pod is ready (Hip Hip Hooray!), so there’s at least one piece prepared. (Thanks, IT dept.!) The new science materials have to be set up and prepared for use.
Ready, get set, and go — I’m off to the races!

I’ve entered this post in MammaBlogga’s writing contest under the theme of “The Best Time of the Year.”

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