Art in the Park and the Garden

We are fortunate to live near a sizable park in the center of our fair city. This park plays host to a number of events, public and private. Family picnics, outdoor church services, 5K run-walks, and more take place here, about half a mile from our home.

One such event is Art in the Park. Participating artists show and sell their pieces all day. Food trucks set themselves up nearby and prepare for hungry crowds. Every year we go, and every year we see something wonderful. This year was no different.

This year's theme: ceramics

This year’s theme: ceramics

Art has value as art, and art can be practical and useful, too. I treated myself to a spoon rest for the stove – blue like my kitchen, and decorated with daisies, of course. Of course! The other pieces are ceramic stakes to label my herbs. “Chuck” has been asking me to label them for years because he gets rosemary and thyme mixed up (parsley and sage he can handle). These little stakes are beautiful, practical, and add a little art to the herb pots on the deck.





Thyme in a bottle!


The final purchase was, typical of my shopping prowess, a purse with Hmong needlework. It sort of matches my wallet. Well, maybe I should just say it coordinates with my wallet, another needlework piece.  Hmong work is detailed and colorful with repeated shapes and patterns. I wanted this one on sight.

So folks, here it is: Daisy’s visit to Art in the Park. Not shown: lunch, snacks, and gift(s) for family members who may read the blog. Giggle. 

Art in the Park goodies

Art in the Park goodies

The kettle corn in the back was fabulous. Nothing from the microwave can even come close. Even the foodstuffs were works of art.

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  1. My gardening wheelbarrow came from Art in the Park. Since we live in an apartment, it’s a woven basket with metal handles and wheels, totally about 13 inches long! It holds our clipper, soil moisture tester, and a few cloth strips for tying tomato branches. Perfect.

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