April is Earth Month!

April is Poetry Month, too, but I’ll focus on environmentalism here. My school district used to have Earth Week and Earth Month activities for students and staff. I usually found the staff activities, well, dull. Wimpy. Boring. Been there, done that, already on that track type of feeling. I’d fill out my calendar, get the tee shirt, and shrug my shoulders. If it helps move a few people toward a greener lifestyle, yeah. Okay, participation is worth something.

Treehugger, one of my absolute favorite websites, set up an awesome challenge for April this year. It’s called Earth Month Challenge: 30 Easy Actions.

This is a challenge I can accept. Each day has an action, for beginners or green freaks (as Amigo tends to call me). I’m going to dive in and see if this works for me.

April 1: Unsubscribe from 5 unwanted emails. Apparently email newsletters generate a carbon footprint of their own, even if they’re unread. Instead of zipping through my inbox and hitting delete, I’ll take a little time and make the inbox itself leaner.

Stay tuned for more eco-friendly actions throughout April – or go to Treehugger yourself! Subscribe to their e-newsletter. It’s one of the few that I always read.

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