Another Reason to be Thankful

This could have gotten lost in last week’s holiday posts. It could have been mixed in with my friends and their Facebook “Thirty Days of Thanks” memes. It could have been buried by the busy-ness of a holiday week, when few regular readers have a chance to keep up with their favorite blogs. This piece didn’t get lost because I shared it initially with a small number of people. Now that the first in a long stream of holidays has gone its merry way, I’ll share this item with the rest of the world.

Background: I composed the first draft for our national blog last year, but it wasn’t really suitable for what was needed at the time. The marketing folks who run the web sites contacted me on Monday and said, Hey, Daisy, can we run it this week? With a few minor changes, it will make an excellent post for a Thanksgiving theme.

Of course I said yes. The revisions were, as they said, few. My content was still mine and still sounded like my voice on paper. So, folks, don’t be shocked by the picture (I’m not a smiley coffee mug in real life) or the real name. Follow the link below for my most recent contribution to the Connections Academy national blog..

I’m thankful for a wonderful job in a rewarding and evolving field. Read the entire story here.

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