>animal, vegetable, locavore?

>I was reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in our Seattle hotel room and I thought about how difficult it was at times to remain true to a locavore philosophy. We were fortunate to be near a fantastic source for both tourists and locals: Seattle’s Pike Place Public Market.

At lunch on our first full day, I sat down to a sandwich with locally made sausage and potato salad on the side. Husband ordered a local beer and picked up a halibut sandwich and coleslaw. The coleslaw surprised him. Rather than the creamy or the tart styles we get in the Midwest, it was made with red cabbage and had a delicious sweet-tart tang.

We continued to focus mainly on local specialties. We looked for fish of all kinds, locally made baked goods, and (you know me well) coffee. We were in Seattle, people, home of Starbucks and more!

One night Husband asked the waitress where he could buy the unique raspberry lambic beer he’d had with his meal. It wasn’t one of the restaurant’s own brews, so she directed us to a store a few blocks away. On the walk there we decided to pick up supplies for an evening snack on the hotel deck. We gathered cheese, salami, crackers and the fruity brew, and then brought out a container of fresh cherries we’d picked up at the Public Market earlier in the day. It was a perfect evening treat. The sky was clear, the sun going down behind the Olympic Mountains, and Mt. Ranier was making an appearance in the distant sky.

Less expensive than the hotel’s minibar, more relaxing than going out, we had the perfect combination of food and drink and ambiance.

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  1. >I have been trying to eat more local foods. I even had my son out picking wild raspberries in our backyard this morning.

    You deck feast is absolutely perfect!!

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