>Ah, my dearest ’98 Pontiac Transport

>Dear Transport;

We’ve been through a lot together, you and me. We’ve driven the family on trips, taken vanloads of kids to movies, taken our turn in the grad school car pool, and even moved a child to college. Well, I’ve got to be honest. There are good and bad points in our relationship.
On the good side:
You’re roomy. We can seat eight, including the driver. That’s come in handy many times.
You’re heated and air conditioned. They’re both important in our fair state with its weird weather.
The dark green color absorbs heat in winter, but the lighter colored upholstery doesn’t overheat in summer.
Mom Car you may be, but Husband has transported equipment to model train shows and Amigo’s big recumbent three-wheeler fits in the back, too. You’re an equal opportunity vehicle.
You’ve shown some real longevity, still dependable after 105,000 miles on the road.
But then again, on the other hand:
You know how Amigo asks for the Transport Weather Report, and I read the temperature printout and compass reading to him? Well, it would be nice if the temperature were accurate more often. Today you thought it was 54 degrees outside, but the real temperature was closer to 75. I’m not asking for heat index or wind chill; a simple ballpark figure would do.
What’s with the radio button getting so finicky? I seem to be the only one who can turn it on or off in one try.
Oh, and the wipers and cruise control along with the high beam control all on the left turn signal bar, that’s a little too much. Next model, please put a few controls elsewhere for easier handling.
But overall, my dear minivan, I must say our relationship is stable. My complaints are minimal; they’re issues I can live with.
If I went to AskPatty, the car site for women, I’d give you a pretty good review.

AskPatty has recently launched CarBlabber, a place for women to write about their cars – the good, bad, and ugly – and to learn what other women think of their own cars. Or, in my case, to Blabber about the Mom Van. 🙂

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