>Advocacy in the Blogging World


It’s a great world, the Blogosphere. People of all walks of life, conservative or liberal, rich or poor, can blog their concerns.

And the Powers That Be? They’d better listen.

Illinois legislators, listen up — if you can. Deaf Mom tells you why hearing aids should be covered and why they’re more important than (are you ready for this?) Viagra. I’ll second her motion; without my hearing aids, I wouldn’t be teaching. Thanks to my hearing aids, I’m earning a living, paying taxes, stimulating the economy, and staying politically active.

New York Times, you have officially alienated women who blog. Punditmom has one of the best responses to the article “Honey, don’t bother Mommy; I’m too busy building my brand.” I might have thought the article neutral had the author left out the condescending remarks. Describing a blog network presenter as having the “good-natured sass of a sorority social chairwoman” and suggesting that “… you, too, might get 28,549 views of your tutu-making tutorial!” Get real, NYT. I don’t post tutu-making tutorials. Rain barrels, maybe. So – what’s your point?

MOMocrats (Raising the next generation of blue) always have something valuable and current posted: Here’s a post discussing the status of women and the way that status affects a country’s peace, security, and prosperity.

Meanwhile, my inbox includes communication from Organizing for America (OFA) reminding me that it’s time to make phone calls and send emails to remind our representatives to get rolling on health insurance reform. My OFA neighbor asks:

“Could you also let your readers know that they need to pick up the phone and call their member of congress to vote “yes” for reform? There are members of Congress whose votes are movable if they hear from enough of us. If callers leave a message, they need to leave their name and address, so the member of Congress can verify that the caller is a constituent. There could be a vote in the House of Representatives before the week is out.”

Stick together, women and men of the blogging world. The mainstream media may disrespect us, but they’ll come around. They’ll have to.

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3 thoughts on “>Advocacy in the Blogging World

  1. >My mother would be totally isolated without her hearing aides.

    Let's hope they come around. I am of very little faith as of late.

  2. >I was stunned and appalled when I read that NYT article. And I agree, it could have been seen as neutral if the author hadn't regressed into high-school mode. Ironic, considering she's a mommy who blogs!

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