>A Year of Compost Happens

>Here it is: the annual retrospective through the eyes of Daisy!

January: The annual New Year’s Day retrospective!
Are you a newcomer to Compost Happens? When you’re done with 2009’s links, go through 2008!

February: Action: an assessment of my Word of the Year
-What will my word be this year? Last year I chose Action.

March: It’s not easy being clean and green
-Ecostore products: good results, green philosophy

April: A book review for The Household Guide to Dying.
-A thoughtful and peaceful novel

May: Preparing for a Pandemic without Panic
-Looking back, I see what I was thinking before H1N1 hit my town. My class was hard hit in October. The spread of H1N1 isn’t over yet, not by a long shot. This post is still valid.

June: To-do, Ta-dah! and the pile I just can’t face
-Oh, dear. This reminds me that I’ll have to face this pile on Monday when school starts again.

July: Milwaukee Brewers Baseball!
-We enjoy a trip or two to Miller Park every season. It’s a great park with a great team. Come on, Brewers, beef up that pitching line-up and let’s go!

‘Tis the season: Packer Training Camp Season!
-Remember, the man who wears #4 was still waffling on this date.

September: Fruit Chunk Muffins
-creative baking to use up a few fresh fruits and make a nice side dish for brunch.

October: Sustainable Cooking, suburban/city style
-this post shares my first entry in the Sustainable Cooking Tips contest on Brighter Planet by sharing a travel memory.

November: Just another Saturday – or not
-reviewed the previous day, Halloween, complete with adventures in starting a fire in the fireplace.

December: Fun with leftover turkey!
-a take-off on shepherd’s pie in the crock pot, Thanksgiving style.

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5 thoughts on “>A Year of Compost Happens

  1. >Excellent! I was just looking through my blog tags thinking that I should analyze the topics I've chosen. This yearly round up is a great idea. I'm going to do that in at least one of my blogs.

  2. >I love how you summed it all up in Twitter style snippets! I might have to give that a try.

    And those "September Fruit Chunk Muffins" sound deelish!!

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