>A Rough Day at School — Made Better


It wasn’t a bad, bad day.
It wasn’t a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.
It was just lousy. One lousy rotten piece of luck after another, each piled on the one previous, never letting up.
And there was a gentle snowfall, too – just enough to get the students bouncing off the (I wish they were padded sometimes) walls.

But through the clouds of my school day, a few rays of sunshine appeared. They didn’t stay long, but seeing them was enough for hope.

My wallet was empty. Empty!! I’d given La Petite and Amigo money for a movie and forgotten to refill it.
It was Starbucks day. One of my colleagues uses a strategically scheduled prep period to visit Starbucks. She takes all of our orders and collects the money and brings in, midday, a delectable and caffeinated treat.
But my wallet was empty.
She bought me a 16 oz. Pike Place blend anyway. I’ll pay her tomorrow. It’s like a hug with a little zip.

I rushed out the door, stopped in the bathroom to take off my turtleneck (flu shot clinic), reheated my Starbucks (see above), and zoomed down to the door where La Petite was waiting with the car.
She had French Fries from Wendy’s.
I forgot my purse.
But my wallet was empty, anyway. Did it matter? Yes. The flu shot consent forms were in it.
We had to come back to school.
But it gave daughter an extra minute or two to finish her Wendy’s sandwich, and we were close enough to school that it didn’t really put us behind.

On our way to the flu shot clinic downtown, we found a good parking space – with time on the meter!! We added a few coins in case there was a long line for the vaccine.
There was almost no line when we arrived.
The shots didn’t hurt – much. Public Health nurses are very good at this.
As we left, I noticed we were leaving 33 minutes on the meter for the next lucky person.

When we got home, I found an unexpected bonus in my purse: a slightly squashed snack size Almond Joy bar! The best thing about this? No one else in the house likes coconut; I didn’t have to share.

I think I can face school tomorrow after all. Just remind me to stop by the ATM to refill my wallet, okay?

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