>A radio – or a radio?


The first thing Amigo does when we enter a hotel room is follow this routine: take off his shoes, stretch out on a bed, and fiddle with the clock radio. He did this on Sunday night, but all didn’t go as planned. Instead of music or news, we kept hearing frogs. And crickets. and babbling, bubbling water.
“Mom, how does this work? Can you help me get real radio?” This from the teenager who can figure out just about any electronic device, despite being unable to see it or read the labels.
Well, I took a closer look and found this:

The “Listen to” section was set to Brook. We had options of Ocean, Wind Chimes, or Music/Radio. If we used the clock’s alarm feature, we could choose to wake up to a standard buzzer, a high pitched bell, cathedral bells, or radio. I showed him the buttons, and he figured out what he needed – a country music station. Of course – we were on a trip sponsored by Wisconsin Public Radio, and he was listening to Country.

Somehow, in the process of exploring all the buttons, Amigo must have set the alarm. Around midnight the buzzer sounded. In his sleep – he remembered not a bit of this the next morning – he rolled over, turned it off, and made himself comfortable again.

Then we went back to sleep, eventually waking up to (drumroll) Amigo’s talking clock and its rooster alarm.

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