>50 Ways to Love your Larder

>Never Waste Food Again – 50 Ways, 50 pieces of advice. I found this post through a link on Eco-Women.

I do fairly well on this list. Vegetables are fairly easy. Between bunnies and soups, we rarely waste a veggie.
Fruits? We’re doing a decent job on that list, too. Orange peels get composted, apple butter is delicious, and Chuck has been pulling the raspberries from last summer’s market out of the freezer to top his ice cream.
Grains – I use leftover pasta and rice in casseroles, soups, and other leftover concoctions. Bread is a little harder. I like toast and sandwiches, but Amigo and Chuck usually pass on the PBJs in favor of some other sort of lunch fare. Making our own croutons and setting aside bread crumbs is something we haven’t tried yet. Maybe we will – or maybe we won’t. I’m not a big eater of croutons; La Petite enjoys them, however.
Making the Most of Meat: I started making soup stock from meat bones a few years ago, and wondered what took me so long to discover the process. It’s so easy, it tastes so much better than broth from the jar of granules, and it is nearly no-cost.
Herbs – we moved the herb pot inside, so we’re still working on it. The basil died, the rosemary is struggling, but the oregano is stretching toward the windows in search of the elusive winter sun. If I have more success with herbs next year, maybe we’ll freeze or dry some.

In conclusion, my fellow green-folk and family, we live in the land of plenty. Let’s make sure that less of that plenty goes to waste.

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3 thoughts on “>50 Ways to Love your Larder

  1. >I freeze my bread, only takes a little time for it to thaw so easy. Also croutons and bread crumbs are worth it and easy! 🙂

    I want to make candied orange peels with some of the ones we end up with.

  2. >Another thing I've noticed is that I buy more than we'll ever eat in a week. I'm making a conscious effort to buy less, and end up saving more and wasting less.

  3. >Have a couple of teenagers around, and you will never waste food again, LOL!!! Seriously, though, I find that a combination of buying only what you need and using my wonderful freezer is what works best for us. But like you, the bunnies and chickens eat what is not fresh enough for the family.

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