Rhubarb BBQ Sauce

The rhubarb is coming up already! It’s not this deep yet, but my day will come. Good thing I used a jar of rhubarb BBQ sauce on a beef roast for tonight’s supper. Mmm. BBQ beef on fresh potato buns from local bakery — that’s delicious. Here you go, folks, an encore from last summer:

I stumbled upon a suggestion one day – rhubarb BBQ sauce. I looked over the ingredients and said to myself, “Self, we have all of these ingredients in the house, including plenty of rhubarb.” Chuck was skeptical at first, but I made some anyway. He tasted it before I went to the trouble of canning, and he pronounced it good.

This recipe uses a lot of rhubarb. I took a look outside to see how much rhubarb we might have, and if I might have enough to make another batch.

Will there be enough?

Will there be enough?

I needed at least 8 cups of diced rhubarb. Did I get it? Here’s the after shot.

After picking

After picking

I have about 6 and a half cups of diced rhubarb now. The dilemma: do I go back outside to pick right now? Or do I set aside the current harvest, maybe freeze it, until the remainder fills out a bit more? Or – cue the ominous music – do I buy a few large stalks of rhubarb at the Farmers’ Market?

Decisions, decisions.



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