Can do, Cans in Blue

'Tis the season!

‘Tis the season!

‘Tis the season for the canning and jars to catch up with each other. See the middle shelf: the foods in the middle are all that remains from last summer’s canning. In fact, since I took this picture, we’ve brought up the last applesauce and one jar of dill pickles.

Eventually, as time goes on, as the basement cleaning and drying and refinishing goes on, Chuck will move his model train gear into the far room and I will have more space for my canning equipment. I like the shelves pictured for food storage; the glass fronts are handy. For now, though, the full jars are competing for space with those that are empty.

Speaking of jars, have you seen the new retro blue jars? (New retro – that must be an oxymoron. Neo-blue jars?) Petunia brought over a pack, and I tried them out.

Blue jars, smiling at me

Blue jars, smiling at me

  • Top row: blue jar, empty
  • Middle row, left to right: sweet bread & butter pickles, regular jar, blue jar
  • Front row, left to right: 1/2 pint jars, regular glass, pickles and rhubarb BBQ sauce

For my next trick, I’ll choose just the right foods to can in the blue jars. There must be a song in this, somewhere. Am I blue…am I blue…



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