Refugees are welcome here, Governor and the rest.

Dear Governor Walker;

I am concerned and rather embarrassed that the governor of my fair state has followed the Republican pack and denounced refugees that might seek a home in our state. Demonizing displaced Syrians is no way to lead.

Sincerely welcoming Syrians, Daisy

Dear Speaker Ryan;

Using your newly acquired soapbox to encourage prejudice and bigotry does not make you look strong; it makes you look uninformed and weak.

Seriously doubting the Speaker, Daisy

Dear #12 (Aaron Rodgers, if anyone needs a reminder);

In your position as award-winning NFL quarterback, you often have opportunities to speak to many. In denouncing the rude person who shouted anti-Muslim sentiments during the moment of silence, you used that opportunity to make a strong statement. The teacher in me loves that you used the phrase “prejudicial ideology” – the human in me loves that you took a stand.

Packer stockholder and lifelong fan, Daisy

Dear Senator (not for long if I can help it) Johnson;

I’m really getting tired of the misleading third-party commercials. If you can’t control them, you could at least show your disapproval by signing and honoring the Badger Pledge. Unless, of course, you approve of those negative ads – or enjoy their twisted support.

Decidedly Democrat, Daisy

Dear Russ (Feingold, that is);

I respect and appreciate your grass roots strategies. You are reaching out to everyday, ordinary people, and that’s where you’ll learn what Wisconsin citizens really need. That’s also how Wisconsin citizens will get to know you again and vote you back into the Senate where you belong.

Progressively Yours, Daisy


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